BROPEL is a newly founded company, which manufactures heating pellets from plant materials, especially from biomass (wheat straw, rape straw, hay). The company uses for production a modern pellet manufacturing line from company Proplety s.r.o. This device is intended to mould pellets from organic material (straw, hay, grain chaffs and other dry parts of plants). Pellets are mainly used as an ecological fuel, feed or litter for livestock.


The manufacturing of this sort of green energy has not only hospitable influence on the environment, but also a positive impact on prices of heatingand electricity and also for the employment in the region. The importance of renewable and secondary energy resources, especially of biomass still increases and we expect that the biomass is going to become the strategic fuel of the future.


According to EU directives the heating plants are obliged to incinerate a certain amount of biofuel and EU also allows to acquire a grant for manufacturing of this ecological fuel.



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