Bropel uses for production a modern manufacturing line Propelety 1000 Standart from company Propelety s.r.o. The line is able to process 1000 kg of wheat straw, 850 kg of hay or 700 kg of rape straw per hour. The properties of the input material (especially humidity) are very important, because they can cause a slight change of capacity of the line. The whole device is a compact whole and it takes only one person to operate it. The shape of the device variable according to the building, where it is installed. There is also a possibility to extend the line with complementary devices according to the needs of the manufacturer (such as packing device, etc.).


The input materials in our case are wheat straw, rape straw and hay. Those materials can be put in to the device without packaging or as roller in maximum diameter 1,5 m. The output product are Agropellets with the diameter 6 - 14 mm, in the length of 1 - 3 multiple of the diameter, without any chemical additives and with high grade of compaction.















As we can see in the table the calorific value is comparable to the coal, but the prices of heating pellets are lower, therefore there is a possibility to make economies in costs during the heating season. There also exists a realistic presumption of a price stability, mainly because there are plenty of resources for the pellets. And above all the pellets have very hospitable impact on the environment, which also confirms the data from the table (especially content of ash and sulphur).


Sulphur content

0,12 %

2 - 3 %


Calorific value


12 - 18 MJ/kg


12 - 17 MJ/kg


Specific height


750 kg/m3


700 kg/m3


Ash content


3 - 7 %


10 - 30 %